contracts & claim services


Resolution, dialogue and diplomacy

Claims, disputes and disagreements can lead to lengthy delays and escalated project costs. As part of MNDV’s international consultancy services, our contracts and claims team has an excellent track record of stakeholder diplomacy within the MENA region.

With experienced construction lawyers working both in-house and as part of our extended professional network, we can draw on a wealth of technical expertise to resolve project-related disputes. Indeed, we’ll help you develop well-defined commercial strategies to tackle contract and claims challenges at the earliest opportunity, ensuring you avoid protracted disagreements and costly project deadlocks.

The core components of our contract and claims services include:

  • Claims management

Providing claims preparation, analysis, investigation and advice in relation to:

  • Claimants’ rights to compensation and/or time extension
  • Provision of technical support to clients’ legal teams, including evidence linked to all stages of project procurement – from design through to construction and handover
  • Assessment of any commercial matters relating to specific projects
  • Dispute resolution

Exploring alternative resolution options, including involvement in arbitration boards and witness testimonies; we also assist parties preparing for and attending mediations and arbitrations, or work in partnership with clients’ legal teams to resolve contractual disagreements – including those that progress to litigation hearings

  • Training and information

Planning and provision of cost-effective training programmes to address key contractual and commercial management issues, all tailored to clients’ requirements; plus authoritative, clear and concise presentations in seminar or workshop format, as appropriate

  • Damage assessment

Investigating and evaluating existing building conditions, including assessment of the likely value/impact of specific claims